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      Take the lead in realizing a complete coverage of public hospital reform in zhejiang province

      Release time:2015-01-26

      Zhejiang province peoples government information office 27, announced at a news conference, from April 1, all provincial public hospitals in hangzhou and hangzhou municipal public hospital will be cancelled by "taking medicine cure" mechanism as the breakthrough point of the comprehensive reform. It will be held across the country marked the zhejiang take the lead in realizing a complete coverage of public hospital reform.

      It is reported that zhejiang comprehensive reform of public hospitals will be carried out in 2011. At the end of 2012, realizing a complete coverage of the province at the county level public hospital reform. At the end of 2013, in addition to the hangzhou, zhejiang province comprehensive start municipal public hospital reform, and in wenzhou launched provincial public hospital reform.

      "As a key reform, zhejiang will implement zero rate of drug sales, and thus reduce the hospital income, by adjusting the medical service price and increase government input way such as compensation, at the same time requires hospitals to strengthen the fine management, control and reduce hospital operating costs." Explains zhang ping, deputy director of health and family planning commission of zhejiang province "this means that, after the implementation of the reform, the provincial public hospital operation and construction development funding sources, from the original service fee, drug addition income and fiscal subsidy three channels, and fiscal subsidies two channels to service charge."

      Expert analysis, the purpose of this reform is to establish a public hospital running mechanisms at the provincial level, is not a simple drug zero price difference. In terms of cost, in general, people will benefit, but recently, may not be very obvious, and benefit for each individual patient is different.

      After the drug zero rate reform of public hospitals at the county level, according to data from the overall assessment of the pilot areas doors, emergency treatment and hospitalization time and drug expenses down significantly, the highest drop of 28%, especially for drug dependence strong outpatient, medical costs significantly reduce.

      Health and family planning commission director Yang Jing said, and implemented in zhejiang province drugs zero rate, form a complete set of medical services price adjustment and into the category of insurance reimbursement, increase government subsidies, and this is just the first step in the reform, the purpose is to reduce patients medical expenses burden, and through improving cost structure, promote the medical service ability and level.

      To ensure steady progress was made in the reform, the pilot will promote the first option, zhejiang province, two-way referral, build a reasonable and orderly classification of medical system, at the same time support public hospitals at the provincial level through a variety of ways to cooperate with social capital, to explore the effective form of mixed sector of the hospital.

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