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      Zhejiang public hospital drug sales an increase in the price of some medical zero price difference

      Release time:2015-01-26

      Medicine does not raise d: one small step for a health care reform

      In 2014, the new reform into the implementation of the sixth year. Over the past five years, the uneven distribution of medical resources, public hospital monopoly market, hospital "to the medicine medicine", and so on and so forth are still outstanding, "a doctor" difficulty and high cost problems have not been fundamentally solved, medical disputes and even strengthens the medical events springing up again and again.

      The state council executive meeting held on March 25, deployed in 2014 the focus of the health care work, prime minister li keqiang stressed to give play to the role of market reform depth development. After a week in Beijing hold ministerial officials to deepen reform seminar, deputy director of the national health development planning commission, the state council reform put forward sun zhigang, director of the office, the next step of reform will be mainly from actively promote the reform of public hospitals, promote reform of medicine circulation field five aspects to make more efforts.

      Then, zhejiang province, announced that since April 1, 2014, the province provincial, city and county level 3 a total of 427 full implementation of public hospital drugs zero rate of sales, at the same time an increase in the price of some medical services, completely cut off from now on there years of "taking medicine cure" survival mode, further efforts in the direction of public welfare. Zhejiang will thus become the first province of realizing a complete coverage of public hospital reform.

      Over the years, "to the medicine cure" has been the important constraint, hinder the health promoting to ridicule. This "strong men DuanWan", zhejiang province, which effect a radical cure disease of courage and determination. But because encroached on the interests of the public hospital reform, the effect will not immediate. After all, the past drug addition income is quite important in hospital revenue ratio. As health planning department in the province, zhejiang province, the provincial public hospital reform mobilization meeting, "overall, people will benefit, but in the near future may not be evident, and benefits to each individual patient is different." Time weekly reporter investigation also confirmed this.

      And to improve the medical service charges to truly reflect the medical staff of labor value, guiding the hospital to provide quality medical care, ultimately achieve from "taking medicine cure" to "cure for medical" fundamental change, still need to refine and develop grading diagnosis and classification of medical institutions pricing system. The potential revenue generating impulse or otherwise, the hospital will trigger a new round of "expensive", let the health reform in failure position again.

      On April 1, 2014, zhejiang initiated to cancel "to the medicine cure" mechanism of public hospital reform at the provincial level in sino-cooperative program implementation of public hospitals all drugs (except traditional Chinese medicine yinpian) according to the actual purchase price zero rate of sales, an increase in the price of some medical services at the same time.

      According to the time weekly reporter understanding, including the provincial, city and county of zhejiang province level 3 a total of 427 public hospitals all included in the reform. Zhejiang will thus become the first province realizing a complete coverage of public hospital reform, than the national requirements to fulfill the goals of the reform of public hospitals at the end of 2015, nearly a year and a half in advance. The public opinion thinks, what this means is that for years, zhejiang province "medicine for the medical situation will be a fundamental shift.

      However there are also the personage inside course of study, according to the analysis of the drug after zero rate, hospital drug profit decline, the new health care reform to the original department and largely dependent on medication accounted for a larger impact on higher hospital. In addition, how to perfect the compensation mechanism, or will become the key to the success or failure of the reform finally in zhejiang province.

      The short-term effect is not obvious

      Time weekly reporter learned that, the zhejiang provincial public hospital reform, overall and fully launched by the end of 2013 the municipal reform of public hospitals in zhejiang province, with the first to carry out the pilot reform of public hospitals at the county level as well as several municipal public hospital reform model is the same. Is the core of the new reform, public hospital in addition to the traditional Chinese medicine yinpian a zero rate of all drugs according to the actual purchase price, sales, the hospital according to the purchase price sell drugs to patients, dont make a penny.

      However, the three rounds of reform, patients generallys response: reform although leather out the disadvantages of high drug prices, rising cost of medical education. In zhejiang province and health development planning commission zhang ping, deputy director of the previous also said in an interview with the media, the public hospital reform is the core of medicine zero price difference, namely the future hospital will increase fee, no medicine for healing. Zhang ping also admitted that "people have clearly felt the doctor falling prices".

      Zhejiang province health department in medical administrations around to reform personal medical expenses after lifting calculated brushstroke zhang, said "dispensing 54 yuan is an obvious boundaries". "Everyone up specific situation is different, so the rise and fall of personal medical expenses, single experiences with a doctor, can not feel. But by measuring, we found that the 54 yuan is a clear boundary, when individual pharmacy over 54 yuan, will feel more affordable than before the reform." Around said.

      According to statistics, in zhejiang province is currently the average single outpatient expenses in 180-200 yuan, of which 50% for expenses for medicine. If calculation to pay 200 yuan, 100 yuan for medicines, with 15% of the drug addition, now cut this part of the bonus, of individual pay expenses for medicine dropped to 87 yuan, reduces the 13 yuan, although the registration fee from 2 yuan rise to 10 yuan, but a litre drop, personal medical expenses are indeed reduce the 5 yuan.

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